The ChatFIRST IRC Network


Everything that has a beginning has an end; and the end came for ChatFIRST; it has been a beautiful experience to be able to provide a safe and top notch IRC environment with the very latest technologies for people all over the world who came to CF to chat, play or exchange ideas through all these years.

It has been years of hard work by a number of volunteers, hours of dedication and lots of money spent for the sake of those who enjoyed CF and we do not regret it, you will always be remembered and loved.

To Our loyal users who have been with us through the years; we are sorry, we are really sorry it had to end this way; we really appreciate the time you spent here and hope you gained something out of it; we know many of you found your love mates and life time partners on CF and we are so proud of that because Our mission was always that of love and free speech and what is more fulfilling than finding love? what is more expressive than love?

To all those who helped out with CF during these 9+ years, either as a CFC, someone who promoted, or someone who worked behind the scenes, we would like to take this final chance to thank-you.

Goodbye you all....
and Good luck!

Here's four sites which are still decent places to chat on:

NOTE: If you are an agent in need to contact us please do so at: Support@ChatFIRST.COM If you are a user willing to know more details about our closure you can still contact us at: Support@ChatFIRST.COM

NOTE # 2: We are truly humbled by all the messages we have received expressing gratitude and concerns and also asking us if CF will ever be back, there're no plans for a comeback at this time, should we ever decide to come back this page will keep you posted with any new information. Thankyou! 2/6/08

OFFLINE AS OF MONDAY, January 21, 2008